She Doesn’t Want a Womanizer: Avoid This Stuff

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She Doesn’t Want a Womanizer

Women would rather be single than to date a womanizer.

If they feel like you may be playing several women at once, they will lose interest fast.

You might think that being a womanizer sounds fun, or that it attracts dates. But you will soon learn, this is far from the truth.

There are some dating tips that every man should know so they won’t get labeled as “that guy”.

Here is our advice to help you avoid making mistakes of wooing women the wrong way.

Don’t Be a Womanizer! Dating Tips Every Man Should Know

You might be wondering who exactly is a womanizer? What kind of man makes his dates run?

Here are the top five examples of who you don’t want to be.

The Smooth Talker

This is the guy who calls her baby, darling or sweetheart. Then again, he calls everyone baby, darling or sweetheart.

He knows all the best pick up lines. After all, he’s had plenty of practice. He uses them all the time.

He tells her he’s falling in love on the first date. He’s charming, witty, funny and spits out romantic lines that sound like they have been plucked straight out of a box-office love story.

He compliments her eyes, her hair, her outfit, her shoes, her family and her physique. In fact, he compliments her so much, that nothing he says sounds sincere.

Women want an authentic man, who reserves special lines just for her. If she feels like you are a phony, she most likely won’t be around for long.

It has been said that men like what they see and women like what they hear. But they won’t like hearing empty and insincere words.

The Ladies Man

His Rolodex is full of potential dates. His Facebook page shows likes by hundreds of women, features photos of him with a different lady at every other event and has long threads filled with flirty comments.

He flirts with everyone he meets. He has a list of girls that he’s “seeing”. He is reluctant to remove his “single status”.

If you have lots of women who are flirty, friendly and interested. If you aren’t willing to draw boundaries for your girlfriend when it comes to other girls, then she is probably on her way out the door.

The Fast Mover

If you lean in for a kiss on the first date before pulling out of her driveway, don’t be surprised if she balks.

When you go to walk her in from your date, you reach in the backseat to grab your duffel bag with a change of clothes and toothbrush. She might not let you through the door.

While women crave affection, they don’t want too much too soon. If you behave this way on the first few dates, women will assume that this is how you act on all of your dates.

She won’t feel special and it is likely to make her feel used, an emotion that women hate.

If you want to make it to the second date, don’t attempt a home run on the first. Besides, intimacy is best when both partners feel connected and confident with one another.

The Secret Agent

This guy is a master of disguise and keeper of secrets. He doesn’t give anything away and likes being an enigma.

When the phone rings, he won’t tell her who called. If he’s busy next weekend, he won’t tell her his plans. He answers her questions as vaguely as possible.

While there is no need to divulge everything, keeping too many secrets can raise suspicions quick.

You can reassure her by offering a few details here and there. If your mom calls every Tuesday at 8, or you have a golf tournament with your buddies planned, you might be doing more harm than good by withholding such tidbits of information.

If she feels like you are hesitant to let her in, she may be hesitant to hang around.

The Wandering Eye

If you want her to believe that you only have eyes for her, then your eyes shouldn’t wander to every attractive woman that passes.

Women are intuitive. And they notice everything, it seems. This is especially true in the early phases of the relationship.

You may not think she noticed when you winked at the waitress, or made eyes at the girl in line behind you at the ticket box, or stared a little longer than you should have at the hot blonde sitting next to you. But trust us. She noticed.

If you don’t want her to lose your number, keep your eyes on the prize. Give her your undivided attention when you’re out with her. Make her feel special by staying focused on her all night long.

Do These Six Things Instead

Now that you know what not to do, here are a few things that you should be doing if you want to keep her.

  • Mind your manners. Being polite goes a long way.
  • Ask her questions about herself and listen to her answers.
  • Be on time for your dates.
  • Kiss her goodnight.
  • Call her tomorrow.
  • Insist on paying when you take her out, especially on the first date and any dates that you initiate and plan.

It’s not difficult to give women respect that they will appreciate. Hold open doors, ask her about her family, call when you say you will call. These are the type of things that she will find meaningful and attractive.


Although it may seem like the female is the one who gets hurt the most when dating a womanizer, this is not necessarily the case.

The womanizer may ultimately be the one who ends up brokenhearted and alone.

Women won’t want to date a man like this, and even if they do, they won’t last long when they see these character traits.

It also affects a man’s self-esteem when they treat women with a lack of respect, are dishonest, or hurt a girl that they care about. Think about it. If you do these things time and again, it’s impossible to feel good about yourself.

Do yourself and your dates a favor. Don’t fall into the womanizer trap. Click here to find out more about what women want!

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