Dating After Divorce & Getting Younger Women

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Dating After Divorce… For Guys!

Dating After Divorce: If you believe that you are too old to get the sort of women you are really attracted to. I want to tell you something very important. You have the whole thing upside down; your maturity is a strength and not a weakness. This is a lesson I had to learn for myself and it took me a long time to really believe what I was seeing.

You see us guys are programmed at a genetic level to seek out healthy, young females who we can impregnate with our sperm.

Sorry to go all caveman on you, but it doesn’t matter how metrosexual you think you are. Your default sexual preferences were designed by mother nature with the sole goal of continuing the existence of the species. Men are attracted to younger women because we are genetically pushed in this direction. The mistake we make is we assume that women are being pushed in the same direction, and they are not!

Women are programmed to seek out strong, valuable males who will be able to provide for and protect their children. As men can easily procreate well into their seventies, age is almost irrelevant. So the fact that you are ten years or even twenty years older than her is not such a big problem for her as it is for you.

Dating After Divorce Doesn’t Need to Be Daunting For Men!

However, we can turn it into a big issue when we approach women with the ‘I am just a dirty old man’ program running at the back of our thoughts. Women sense our anxiety and instead of coming across as a confident, mature alpha male we appear weak and lacking value.

Inevitably the girl blows us out and of course, we assume that we got rejected because we are too old. This gets used as new supporting evidence to confirm that our doubts and worries about our age were right all along.

Men get more valuable as they get older, women loose value. This sounds sexist but really it’s pure genetics, and it is something you should start believing. I can tell you from experience when you start to see what you have as a valuable asset then young girls can often act as though you are doing them a favour by having sex with them.

Sometimes when I am talking to a younger woman. I will ask them their age I will pretend that I am rejecting them. I will say something like ‘Aw your just a baby, you couldn’t handle a guy like me’. It sounds like a basic sales technique and of course, it is. It’s a bit like when you say to someone ‘whatever you don’t look over there’… things instantly become more valuable when we are restricted from accessing them.

Thankfully these younger girls often miss this technique and see it as a challenge.

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