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Discover How a 43 Year Old Family Man Used The Law Of Attraction To Completely Transform His Life

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Life Changing Personal Success Courses From Craig Beck

millionaire university

Millionaire University

Learn How To Become Filthy Rich!

  • The 7 habits of millionaires 
  • Breaking through the 80/20 wealth barrier
  • Making money from what you are passionate about
  • Attracting wealth and abundance
  • Leaving the Rat Race and living your dream
law of attraction

Law Of Attraction University

Learn How To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams

  • Why most people fail to activate the Law of Attraction 
  • Connecting to the universal matrix
  • Attracting vast wealth and abdundance
  • Using the Law of Attraction to help other people
  • How to make miracles happen all around you.
project freedom 500

Project Freedom

Escape The Rat Race & Get Rich Living Your Passion

  • Designing and building your own online business
  • Finding your audience and becoming famous
  • Attracting vast wealth and abdundance
  • Practical sales and marketing coaching
  • Turning traffic into dollars and much more

Persuasion University

Learn How To Influence People

  • How to make people instantly 'like' you
  • Generating powerful rapport in seconds
  • Understanding the Laws of Authority & Association
  • The most powerful skill you could ever learn
  • Becoming unforgettable
altm 500

Stop Drinking Expert

How to Stop Drinking Quickly & Easily

  • Control alcohol without willpower or cravings
  • No embarrassing group therapy
  • No expensive rehab
  • No dangerous medication
  • Proven effective

Unstoppable University

Our Best Ever Personal Development Course

  • Start living the life you always dreamed of
  • Dump the negative people out of your life
  • Find your purpose in life and live with passion
  • Dramatically improve and enhance relationships
  • The manifestation secrets of Craig's 421 system
seduction 500

Seduction University

How To Be A Powerfully Confident Man

  • Alpha male confidence
  • The psychology of attraction
  • How to approach and attract women easy
  • Be the man that all women want
  • Building confidence quick and easy

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law of attraction university
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