The cost of drinking alcohol & the savings of quitting

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The cost of drinking alcohol

The cost of drinking alcoholMost people will save huge amounts of hard earned cash by stopping drinking … but the big question is how much will you save $$$?

Did you know that the typical heavy drinker blows over $150,000 on alcohol over their lifetime!

Envision something for me … return to a time before you were consuming and think of that I came near you with a suitcase filled with cash. Exactly what would you invest it on?

I have no idea exactly what the answer is, whether it’s a brand-new automobile or a series of remarkable holidays worldwide. But I do know that you almost certainly wouldn’t choose to consume all of it!

The quicker you get started on your own happy sober journey the more money you conserve.

It really is as basic as that, so you just need to choose now to take action and start now rather than wait until tomorrow when a little bit more money will have been thrown down the toilet!

The cost of drinking alcohol

While you are thinking of all the remarkable things that are going to happen simply as soon as you begin, also know that the by-product of this incredible stop drinking approach is a typical saving of over $3200 a year.

Alcohol is not your pal, it is your worst enemy– it takes your cash, destroys your relationships and damages your health. Choose now that today is the last day it gets a chance to control your life!

But wait just a moment…

When members of my stop drinking club get started with the program they actually report that saving money is the least impressive aspect of their new sober lifestyle. What they value the most is better quality time with friends, family and their children. Time is the most precious thing that alcohol steals from us, not the money!

About the author: Craig Beck has helped thousands of people to stop drinking alcohol on their own and without any embarrassing group therapy or expensive rehab. If you want to discover how to stop drinking join my online club today.

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