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If you have a daughter watch this video…

Colbie CaillatI have had a song stuck in my head for a few days now and as much as I love the tune and the lyrics I think it is the sentiment behind the song that I love the most. Colbie Caillat is an indie singer songwriter whose previous biggest hit was ‘Bubbly’, I remember playing it on the radio back when I was a broadcaster.

‘Try’ touches me personally because I have a beautiful 14 year old daughter.

But like most teenagers she is crushed by self doubt and the struggle to conform to the perfect body image projected by the media.

Trying to leave the house with my daughter is a process that takes several hours. The hair must be washed, dried and straightened. The make up must be applied just right and then the combination of clothing must make exactly the right statement.

But here’s the thing… I think my daughter looks prettiest when she is wearing no make up at all. I think most Dad’s would agree with that view of their own daughters – lets help Colbie make a change in the way society thinks – like and share the video please.

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