October 17

Is It Time To Buy Airline Stock Now? Which Stock To Buy Now?


Is It Time To Buy Airline Stock Now?

I think it’s fairly safe to say the world has been turned upside down and we are trading in unprecedented circumstances. However, no matter how dire the situation and how terrible the times there is always someone making money. Despite what people may think, there is nothing wrong with that.

We are stock market traders and we are always looking for value. No industry has been hit harder by this pandemic than the airlines. Most major players are reporting upwards of 90% reduction in revenue for this year.

All airline stock has been hit very hard. Perhaps most dramatic of all is the British Airways and Aer Lingus parent company IAG. Last year in the blissful period of pre-Covid life IAG was trading at seven dollars a share. These days it struggles to get over a single dollar.

BA finished trading last week at a thoroughly depressing stock price of 97 cents. So, it’s hardly surprising that people are starting to wonder if these stocks have crashed out at rock bottom. Is there now value in airline stock and if so, which stock to buy?

All great questions.

As you know my stock portfolio performs so well because I have a strict 12 point rating system in place. I NEVER invest in any stock unless it passes at least 11 of my 12 key ratings.

In today’s video, I will reveal if it’s time to invest in airline stock now. Which companies, if any have value baked into the price and when can expect to see prices climbing.

Stock codes discussed included LUV Southwest Airlines, DAL Delta Airlines and IAG British Airways.


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