Buddhism: How to Find Fulfillment 

 June 21, 2016

By  Craig Beck

Buddhism: How to Find Fulfillment

How to Find Fulfillment and Still Your Mind Through the Teachings of Buddha

how to find fulfillmentLearn how to find fulfillment and still your mind through the teachings of Buddha.

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This book contains a brief overview of Buddhism. Like many heroic stories, the tale of this religion starts with one man’s quest.

Siddhartha Gautama was no ordinary man. He was a prince who gave up riches and a life of comfort in order to pierce the veil of body, mind, and spirit. With his fearless confidence and deep compassion for others, he achieved what few before him had ever known. He broke the chains of hectic mortality and found the quiet bliss of immortality.

First we look at the meaning of Buddhism, not only relative to the quest of personal, spiritual freedom but also in the context of other religious philosophies.

Then we look at the humble roots of Buddhism as it grew out of Hinduism to become its own unique path toward the goal of all great religions – inner peace and greater spiritual significance.

After a brief history of Buddhism, we look at the two branches of this great religion (Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism) and two sub-branches of Mahayana (Tibetan and Zen Buddhism). In chapter seven we take on the provocative subjects of self, karma, bardo, and reincarnation – all from the viewpoint of Buddhism and your author’s experiences with it.

Next we look at Buddhism compared to some other religions or spiritual philosophies. And finally we look at the impact Buddhism has had on the West.

Within this book you’ll find the answers to questions and topics such as:

  • The meaning of Buddhism
  • Buddhist history and roots in Hinduism
  • Mahayana Buddhism
  • Theravada Buddhism
  • Tibetan Buddhism
  • Zen Buddhism
  • Self, karma, bardo, and reincarnation
  • And much more!

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Craig Beck

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Craig Beck