10 Signs That You’re Becoming More Spiritual 

 December 26, 2018

By  Craig Beck

Becoming More Spiritual: 10 Signs That You’re Close to a Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever wondered what life is for? What is life about?

You’re not alone.

If you’re contemplating these questions, you’re on the road to becoming more spiritual. More people than ever identify with being spiritual, although not necessarily religious.

Read on for 10 signs that you’re close to a spiritual awakening.

Rejection of Materialism

As you experience a spiritual awakening, the culture of materialism feels less important. Most people work their whole lives acquiring more material goods.

Becoming more spiritual awakens your soul to the important things in life. Your desire for more stuff decreases. You’ll seek minimalism. You’ll find joy in decluttering and letting things go.

You’ll realize the old adage is true, “Money can’t buy happiness.” Because having more stuff is never a cure for unhappiness.

commit to growing
Commit to growing

Desire for Authenticity

As you let go of all the material stuff, your desire for authenticity increases. You’ll see through the masks that people wear. Your concern for others’ approval disappears.

You’ll no longer involve yourself in the nonsensical dramas people indulge themselves in. As you express your true self, you’ll attract other more authentic people to yourself.

You’ll worry less about belonging to a religious organization. But, you’ll desire the spiritual more than you ever have before.

The things you once valued, such as status or wealth, aren’t as important.

A Need for Solitude

With spiritual awakening comes a need for solitude. You’ll crave time alone for meditation and prayer. As you discover your authentic self, being alone won’t scare you.

People who don’t know their authentic selves have trouble being alone.¬†Spirituality demands a quiet space for connection with God and the Universe.

Don’t isolate yourself completely. Seek out others on a spiritual path.

Pursuit of Truth

You’ll be less concerned with what others think and more desirous of the truth. You won’t search for your truth in other people. You’ll look within. You’ll find you’re more open to different points of view.

You’ll question everything you once took for granted. You may feel disillusioned about long-held beliefs.

Truth becomes more important than looking correct in the eyes of others.

don't be a victim
Don’t be a victim

Anxiety and Depression

Happiness comes only from within. As you let go of old thinking, you may experience depression and anxiety. The realization that material things are unimportant and transient leaves a void.

If life isn’t only about building a career and gaining wealth, what is it about? These questions create uncertainty. But don’t let them scare you.

This time of anxiety is referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul, first named by the Catholic Saint John of the Cross. It’s a feeling of spiritual abandonment. Where once you prayed and received answers, now all you have are questions.

Don’t lose hope. Keep searching. Ask the universe your questions with an open and sincere heart. The Universe will answer.


Another benefit of losing your need for the material is your immersion in gratitude. You’ll experience increased gratitude for the abundance in your life.

The more gratitude you have, the more you’ll find. Give thanks for everything in your life, even things most people take for granted. Give thanks for the sun coming up in the morning.

Instead of waking up already stressed and cursing the day, give thanks. Set an intention of gratitude that carries through the day. You’ll soon find that being thankful multiplies the gifts in your life.

The power of being thankful

There was a woman who was so full of gratitude that she thanked God when her washing machine broke. She said that everything serves a purpose. She had six children and a constant flow of dirty laundry.

Instead of anger, she thanked God. A broken washing machine meant she went an entire day without doing laundry. Giving thanks opened her up for good things.

Because the machine broke, she had time to visit with her friend, Kathy. Kathy suggested she call Sarah, who was moving. She called Sarah and they had a wonderful time catching up.

When she told Sarah about her broken washing machine, Sarah was delighted. “Now I know who to give my washing machine to!” Sarah’s family was moving to a home with a new washing machine and needed to get rid of her old machine.

There is power in gratitude.

smart goal setting
Smart goal setting

Increased Empathy and Compassion

As you live your life with gratitude, empathy and compassion increase within. You’ll find yourself relating to others. Be aware that you’ll feel others’ joy but also their pain.

Heightened empathy takes some getting used to. You’ll have a deep desire to help others and make the world a better place.

Empathy, compassion, and gratitude leave no room in your life for fear and anger. The spiritual path is one of inner peace.

Increased Levels of Synchronicity

Once you trust your intuition, you’ll experience increased levels of coincidence. But it’s not coincidences, it’s a sign that you’re in sync with the Universe and your highest potential.

It’s part of the law of attraction. As you focus, pray, and meditate on the gratitude, you attract joy and good things into your life.

Once you trust your intuition, you’ll act with greater authenticity. You’ll feel that everything is happening for a reason.

Higher Perception

A spiritual awakening brings heightened perception. You’ll see beauty in everything and everyone around you. As you’re more aware of the spiritual, you’re more in tune with truth.

Heightened Intuition

As you worry less about what others think, you’ll trust your own intuition more. You already know what’s best for you, but now you’ll listen to your inner wisdom.

Trust your heightened intuition.

becoming more spiritual
Are you becoming more spiritual?

Becoming More Spiritual

Becoming more spiritual takes time. But once you’re awakened, you’ll seek life on more authentic terms. Living on a more spiritual plane is a lifelong journey. Once your eyes are opened, you’ll never go back.

A deep spirituality unlocks your true potential, creates self-confidence, and destroys fear.

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