Becoming Fearless With Women

How to Become Fearless With Women

Fearless With WomenFearless With Women: You are the director of your own movie, or at least you should be. Most people are sheep not wolves and they default to the comfort zone setting of living a reactive life.

Our brains are hardwired to protect us from dangerous situations. This is a throw back to our hunter-gatherer days. When danger and life threatening events were around each and every corner. Civilization has progressed in the western world but evolution has not kept up pace.

The risk assessment areas of our brain are a little over zealous for the new environment in which we live. Being afraid to approach a sleeping lion is a perfect example of where fear is being generated to serve a valuable purpose. However, feeling that exact same sense of dread about approaching a beautiful girl is an inappropriate sensation and does not serve us in any positive way.

Do you have approach anxiety?

Actually, many guys would rather approach a snoozing lion. And flick it hard on the nose than approach a hot woman in the street.

The part of our brain that generates this powerful motivating force would rather we always default to our comfort zone. The comfort zone is safe and requires less work to remain in it. For example would you feel more relaxed walking around your own home in a power blackout or in a huge ancient castle in the middle of nowhere?

Of course home is the obvious choice because you find comfort in the familiar surroundings, you know where everything you need is and you also know how to get out of there if you had to.

Simply put your brain is pushing you to stay safely at home to avoid the risks of the unknown… always!

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