Become An Unstoppable Ninja Warrior Of Life 

 September 30, 2017

By  Craig Beck

Become An Unstoppable Ninja Warrior Of Life

Unstoppable NinjaSay the word Ninja, and everyone has a mental image of the legendary Japanese warrior. The picture in your mind’s eye is most likely that of a martial artist dressed entirely in black, perhaps even sporting a long bladed sword at their side.

But the stereotypical image we create, with a little help from Hollywood, leads us to miss the point of these highly disciplined warriors.

At the foundation of the ninja legend lies the essential understanding that you have little to zero control over your attackers.

Of course, when I tell you to become an Unstoppable Ninja, I am not suggesting you walk into your boss’s office on Monday morning and hand out an ass whooping he will never forget.

The lesson we learn from the Ninja is how we are always given a choice. To focus on who is to blame or to focus on how we respond to the events of life. When ‘stuff’ happens to us, whether this is tangible physical attacks (like the Ninja had to deal with), intellectual or emotional sources of stress. To lose time worrying, panicking or rejecting the reality of the circumstances is pointless.

The residents of the ninja villages in Japan’s Igan province were often attacked, sometimes on a daily basis. Rather than wallowing in their fear and misery and looking for someone to blame, they prepared themselves to excel in these fearful or stressful settings. There are many stories of Ninja training programs in which pupils ran through dark rainforests while their partners waited for a chance to execute a surprise attack.

By mastering their breathing, their senses, and their awareness, they were able to avoid an attack and respond to the threat appropriately. What’s more, they discovered how to remain calm and in control under extreme stress and anxiety.

These days, sources of stress and anxiety take on many forms. Daily difficulties may not become real psychological or emotional threats until they begin to grow out of control. “It’s not an expensive car repair,” you might say. “It’s just that I need the car to pick up my wife at the airport the next day. It wouldn’t be a biggie, but with my reduced hrs at work …”

Excuses all over the place!

Just like the ninja of old, we can’t control our environment, but we can control ourselves. Remember to keep breathing, smile and never lose your 360 degrees of awareness. You’ve no doubt read countless articles that describe the concept of “obsession.” Frustration, anxiety, and anger can limit your consciousness to the source of those emotions (your assailant).

As a result, you’re exposed to the possibility of multiple attackers. When you fail to adapt to the environment life becomes hard and unfair, just like your well-meaning family told you it would be.

This concept applies psychologically, too. Spend your time aggravated or angry over your circumstances, and you’re liable to lose out on opportunities that are dangling just outside your field of vision. An opportunity exists in every single stressful event that befalls you. Remember how persecution and warfare helped transform the ninja not only into survivors but also into legends.

Show me a successful man or woman, and I will show you a person who has experienced a lot of hard times and painful lessons.

Getting the life of your dreams, and by that I mean a perfect balance of health, wealth, peace, and purpose, is not easy. At no point in this book will you hear me make claims that this journey is easy. There is a perfect reason why most people choose to just be passengers on the train – because that’s the path of least resistance.

Individuals in the 80% often wonder why anyone would decide to take the more difficult road. The mistake they are making in this sort of thinking is the leaping to the assumption that the Unstoppable Ninja sees two paths. When you develop the Unstoppable mentality, I am talking about in this book; the discomfort of the journey drops off your RADAR.

You only see the outcome you desire; you expect the journey to get there to be challenging because if it weren’t, it would not be the right path at all.

From Unstoppable by Craig Beck

Craig Beck

Craig Beck ([email protected]) is the author of several bestselling personal development books and audiobooks. 

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Craig Beck