January 13

Avoid Alcohol Cravings Hypnosis


Avoid Alcohol CravingsAvoid Alcohol Cravings Hypnosis

Avoid alcohol cravings with Craig Beck an ex problem drinker who tried unsuccessfully using willpower to control his alcohol consumption before discovering a secret about alcohol.

Craig is better known as The Stop Drinking Expert – an family man who first found a way to cure his own 20-year-long alcohol addiction and then set about creating an easy-to-use set of tools to help other people also escape the alcoholism trap.

He wrote a book about his journey from alcoholism to sobriety called ‘Alcohol Lied to Me’ which was later updated and extended.

There is also a follow up book called ‘Alcohol Lied to Me… Again’ designed for people who make the ultimate mistake as a newly sober person and think ‘just one drink won’t hurt’.

Craig Beck is an expert in helping people avoid alcohol cravings… for good.

To date over 50,000 people have got back in control of their drinking using his books, videos, and powerful hypnosis tracks like this one.

In this unique hypnotherapy download, Craig uses advanced subliminal commands to reprogram the way your subconscious mind thinks about alcohol. Specifically to help you avoid alcohol cravings completely and in doing so making the whole process of quitting drinking easier than you ever thought possible.

Using this hypnosis track, you can easily deal with alcohol withdrawal and get back in control of your drinking.

Craig’s method to help people stop drinking alcohol is based on an intelligent approach to the problem. Rather than blame the person and label them as broken (an alcoholic) he demonstrates why the real problem is in the liquid we incorrectly treat as a harmless social pleasantry.

If you are still not sure you really have a problem with drinking then click here for a guide to alcoholic symptoms and then when you are ready to take action and get back in control visit the Stop Drinking Expert website for a step by step guide to breaking the loop of alcohol addiction.

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Avoid Alcohol, Avoid Alcohol Cravings

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