6 Style Tips for Attracting Women Instantaneously

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Attracting women made easy

Let’s face it. At some stage in life, every man usually desires to attract women so easily. It’s natural, and that’s one of the aspects that makes you a “complete” man.

But the sad truth is that not all men have an easy way with ladies. Some tend to struggle to get a date with a woman they are attracted to. And that’s not a bad thing, too.

One of the important aspects of dating that many men tend to perform poorly is style.

You know, your dressing code, and it’s imperative to attracting women. I understand many men struggle with what to wear on a first date.

The good news is that you can change it once and for all if you really want to. It’s easy to take pressure off meeting the kind of ladies you want.

Like any other skill, you need to develop a sense of style and make it part of you. The charm should be embodied in your character.

This is getting interesting, right?

Let’s swim these waters together and learn more.

1. Your Clothes Should Fit

Seriously, you don’t want to look absurd in those baggy and loose-fitting outfits. The truth is that loose-fitting clothes tend to put off many women at first glance.

This is one the mistake that many men make. As you know, clothing manufacturers make clothes that fit a large number of people. That shouldn’t indicate that you have to settle for the manufacturer’s size.

You can alter the clothes you buy to ensure they fit well. Or, if you have ample time, go for shopping for clothes that fit your body structure seamlessly.

Tops are great options for emphasizing your physique.

A tee or buttoned shirt can be great options to define your style. You can match them with a blazer that centers focus on your physique.

Bear in mind that the right style helps in boosting confidence when approaching women.

2. Keep it Simple

You’ve been yearning for a date with this lady you’ve been admiring for a very long time.

Finally, she accepts your request for a date. Because you have money to spend, you run to the stores to buy flashy or complex outfits that you feel will make you presentable.

No, that’s utterly wrong. Do that, and your first impression is terrible.

In most cases, you want to avoid new clothes. You will look out of place and a newbie in dating. Or, if you buy new clothes, go for those options that are simple, but give you a great style.

A nice pair of pants, leather or dress shoes and a tear or buttoned shirt are enough to give you a cool look.

When picking your clothes, opt for solid colors. Avoid those that can be shouty and match colors correctly.

Fashion is one of the things that women find attractive.

Dressing right will make attracting women a simple affair.

3. Think About Tops

There are different types of tops for men, including tees, shirts, vests, and sweaters. You can use these to create a flattering effect; it all depends on the colors you choose and how you pair them up.

The colors you should for your tops helps in setting the tone of your overall look.

When you have a somewhat bulky body, avoid complex layering. Opt for simple tops that won’t distract your body physique.

Bulky guys should also avoid sweaters and hoodies.

Instead, a blazer or vest are fashionable options for creating an appealing upper body.

For those with slim bodies, you could use some extra layering to improve your look.

For example, a shirt paired with a sweater is a very good idea.

When choosing tops, also consider the necklines. Some people prefer V-necks as they show some skin and this can be somewhat attractive. Boat necks are also ideal for a simple yer comfortable look.

When wearing a blazer or jacket with a tee, go for a brighter color for your tee to get a playful yet exciting style that is great for attracting women.

4. What About Pants?

Well, for pants, you have varied options, including jeans, chinos, and khakis. It’s all about picking an option that you are comfortable with.

Your pant can be regular, skinny, loose, slim or relaxed as longer as they pair well with the types of shoes your pick.

Slim cut jeans are ideal for men below 40 years as they are versatile when it comes to matching them to tees or shirts.

You can pick ripped or distressed options as they tend to lend a unique sense of attractiveness.

These jeans are those type of outfits that can adapt to any occasion, whether it’s a first date or any other date. They are simply stylish.

5. Pick Your Shoes Well

Like any other outfits, shoes are great options for completing your look. Don’t just pay attention to your pants and tops.

Sandals and flip-flops are red-flags, especially for a first date.

That’s a big NO. Usually, you want to match your shoes to your outfits.

For example, blazers go well with dressier shoes such as loafers and oxfords while leather jackets will look appealing with the touch of boots.

Boots are great options if you want to boost your height. Try to contrast the style to make it even more impressive.

Also, ensure you are taking care of your shoes well. They speak a lot about you, and they also give you points.

6. Complete Your Style With Accessories

Any fashion aficionado will tell you that there is a certain unique charm accessory infuse to your style.

Watches, bracelets, and necklaces are great options to add to your outfits. A well-chosen watch will give you a mature look.

If you wear a blazer, you can add a colorful pocket square for a conservative appearance.

For those that want a youthful image, a bracelet will do the trick.

Attracting Women – The Bottom Line

Women are sensitive and have tastes and preferences. To them, your overall look speaks loudly about you.

So, you want to make that first impression count by dressing accordingly. If you are not sure what to wear, it’s not bad to ask a friend or family member.

The goal is to look great. Also, bear in mind that people have varying fashion choices. Aim for donning in simple outfits that any lady will get along with.

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