Approaching a Group of Women with Confidence & Ease

When was the last time you approached a group of women?

If your answer is never, we’re not surprised. As we’ve mentioned before, a lot of guys would rather approach a snoozing lion than approach a woman in the street.

Never mind a group of women!

But what if we tell you that it’s actually easier to approach women in groups than someone who’s by herself?

You probably won’t believe us but there are benefits to approaching women in groups that you may have never considered before.

Why approach a group of women

Okay, so one obvious benefit is that women in groups are not likely to have their guard up.

Think about it. A woman by herself will mostly be concerned about her safety, especially with videos like this going viral.

That’s not going to be the case when women are in a group. They know that a man would have to be crazy to try something funny while they are with friends.

So that is your cue to approach them with confidence.

Plus, the chances of you getting into a fight with a jealous boyfriend (or girlfriend) are pretty low even if one or some of the girls are already in a relationship.

As long as you keep it friendly, other people will just think you’re trying to meet people and have a good time (or that you’re a salesman or maybe a street magician). And not because you’re prowling for a victim which we don’t recommend anyway since we’re all about respecting women.

Tips for approaching women in groups

Of course, knowing the reasons why it’s okay to approach a group of women is just secondary to knowing how to do it with confidence. With that said, here are some solid tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t approach without assessing the situation.
  • Does it look like they’re having a serious conversation? If yes, then they probably wouldn’t be open to having a stranger interrupt their gathering.
  • Your best bet is to approach another group of women who look like they wouldn’t mind some fun conversation and flirting.
  • Don’t make it too obvious. Yes, you’ve got your eye on a particular girl but you can’t make the other girls feel like they’re not important.
  • Say hello to the whole group and keep the conversation light.
  • Invite a friend or friends to come over. The reason why you shouldn’t approach a group of women with friends is to not appear threatening or creepy. Once the women see that you’re okay, you can then invite your friends. This takes the pressure off of you so it’s easier to start or keep a conversation with the one who caught your eye.
  • Maximize your time. Your alone time with the woman you fancy, that is. If you’ve managed to get her away from the group, don’t be too eager and throw compliments left and right. Instead, steer the conversation to the “I’d like to know more about you” direction so she’ll know that you’re not just into her because of her looks.

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