Approach Anxiety Mind Games 

 December 18, 2016

By  Craig Beck

Approach Anxiety Sucks Ass

Approach Anxiety: Direct openers are precisely what it says on the tin. You’re being upfront, clear and direct with a girl about why you’re talking to them. These tend to be very simple: “Hi, I think you’re beautiful and I wanted to meet you. My name is Craig” and you carry on from there.

Personally, I’ve had the most success with “You seem like you’re fun … but are you friendly? Cool, my name is Craig”. It’s short, simple and establishes early on that you’re attracted to her specifically.

However, It can be a polarizing technique, it goes without saying. You are basically asking her to make a snap judgment as to whether she feels the same about you, but it also means you figure out very swiftly whether or not she’s single, which means you invest less time on metaphorical dead-ends.

I prefer finding out early on whether or not a woman I’m attracted to (dating or sleeping with) is uninterested or unavailable; it means I’m not burning up my valuable time attempting to chase something that will never materialize.

Just Get Out There And Do It

Now, here’s the dirty little secret about approaching girls: what you say effectively doesn’t matter nearly half as much as you think. I have quite literally initiated a conversation with “Wow, I love your hair style, I would marry you for the haircut alone” and wound up taking that girl home that evening. 99% of the women I’ve slept with don’t remember the first words I said to them.

It’s all about just approaching with high energy, lots of self-confidence and initiating an interaction with her.

Fear of approaching is probably the most common challenge guys face. This is why in Seduction University we spend a lot of time getting it right. If you are ready to face your fears and start getting a lot more action. Click here to check out Powerfully Confident now.

Craig Beck

About The Author: Craig Beck ([email protected]) is the author of several bestselling personal development books and audiobooks. Including Unleashed: How to love yourself more and unlock your full potential, available on Amazon, Audible and in all good bookstores. Craig is also a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy and a highly in-demand international motivational speaker.

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