Alcohol Kills Someone Every Ten Seconds 

 November 9, 2017

By  Craig Beck

A cheeky glass of wine?

alcohol killsA beer or three with the guys? We are constantly told that alcohol is a harmless bit of fun. Many use alcohol to get to sleep, to relax or even to garner a little self-confidence.

The advertising shows us that it is essential to a good time and must be included in a meal if you want it to be worthy of your guests.

However, hazardous alcoholic drinks consumption was responsible for 3.5 million deaths worldwide in 2012. This is according to a new World Health Organization study released on Monday.

Alcohol kills and harmful alcohol use not only lead to addiction, but it can place individuals at a higher threat of over 200 conditions like tuberculosis and pneumonia.

“This literally translates into one loss of life every 10 seconds,” Shekhar Saxenas, head of the WHO’s Psychological Health and Substance Abuse division.

These are not random strangers. These are people you know, friends and family.

On average, every person on the planet age 15 and older drinks 6.2 liters of pure alcohol a yr, according to the document.

But it’s worse than that because less than half the planet’s populace drinks any alcohol at all, many religions forbid the consumption of alcohol. This means millions of people will never touch a drop. This somewhat skews the figures.

This means individuals who do consume alcohol average more around the 17 liters of pure alcohol a yr. figure! Men are most likely than women to experience alcohol-related fatalities. Although drinking amongst females is on the increase. Low-income sections of societies are at a higher danger for community and health-related complications connected to alcohol.

Alcohol Kills – It’s Not What It Seems

The WHO report reveals that 17% of consumers partake in binge drinking. Bingeing is one of the most harmful forms of alcohol consumption. Europe has the highest alcohol usage per head, though consumption levels have been steady there for the last 5 yrs.

Usage has remained stable in Africa and in the Americas. However, it seems climbing in Southeast Asia and the Western Ocean areas, according to WHO. China is determined to increase its per capita usage by 1.5 liters of pure alcohol by 2025.

The WHO says it would like to see a voluntary global target of a 10% decrease in hazardous alcohol use by 2025.

The Quicksand Of Alcoholism

This is unlikely to be the case as alcohol is an insidious drug. Once you develop an addiction to alcohol it’s like getting suck in quicksand.

Problems with alcohol never get better on their own, says Craig Beck the creator of an online program that shows people how to stop drinking.

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