9 Prosperity Affirmations that Put You in the Profit Mindset

prosperity affirmations

Prosperity Affirmations Anyone?

maximum confidenceDo you want to make more money in life?

Most people would answer this question with an emphatic yes.

Certainly, most Americans would, anyway. CNN money reports that Americans spend more on lottery tickets than on movies, music, video games, and sports teams- combined!

The 70 billion dollars spent on lottery tickets per year are evidence of our strong desire to have more money.

But we all know that a lot of desire doesn’t convert to a lot of money. This desire first needs to be converted into drive, determination, and hard work.

Now, notice how I didn’t say talent or skills there. The truth is, you don’t need to be some rare genius or insanely talented performer to make a lot of money.

While having a strong talent certainly helps, financial success certainly isn’t limited if you don’t have one. Anyone is capable of achieving financial prosperity.

The main difference between people who achieve financial prosperity and those who don’t achieve financial prosperity has little to do with talent. Drive and determination are what truly set the financially successful apart from the rest.

But how do I start to build this drive and determination?

With prosperity affirmations.

Prosperity affirmations are a key ingredient on your journey to prosperity.

But exactly what are prosperity affirmations and why do I need them? In this article, we’ll discuss the power of these affirmations and we’ll also go over the top 9 prosperity affirmations that will put you in the profit mindset!

Prosperity Affirmations- What Are They?

Abundance MatrixProsperity affirmations are simple, positive phrases you repeat to yourself on a regular basis that describe who you want to be.

While the prosperity affirmations you say may not be true, eventually these phrases will start to sink into your subconscious. Soon, you will start to truly believe these phrases, and then eventually they will become your reality.

Using prosperity affirmations will help you realize that you alone are in control of your destiny. These affirmations will help you to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your mind, allowing it to rid itself of all negative thoughts.

Cleaning your subconscious of these negative thoughts is crucial in order to make strives towards a prosperous life.


Because poverty thinking begets poverty.

If poverty is the dominant thought in your mind, then this will be the thought that is radiated to the outside world. Radiating such a negative thought will only allow you to attract situations which confirm it.

The old adage, “birds of a feather, flock together,” couldn’t be more appropriate in this situation.

If you want to be surrounded by prosperity, the first thing you need to do is start thinking like a prosperous person thinks. Utilizing prosperity affirmations is the perfect way to put yourself in this mindset.

What’s stopping you?

Now, before we go over some of the best prosperity affirmations to repeat to yourself, we need to talk about what’s the biggest issue that’s stopping you from attracting wealth.

You don’t believe. You deserve it.

For some reasons, many people have this strange idea that they don’t deserve to make money and live a prosperous life. It’s everyone else around them who deserves that.

This strange idea is known as a self-limiting belief, and it’s officially time to rid your mind of it for good.

While self-limiting beliefs are the core deterrent to achieving financial success, many people do not even realize the way in which these beliefs are consuming their lives.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving prosperity:

  • You think wealth is only for the talented, lucky few.
  • Wealth is only for those who are born into it or married into it.
  • You’ve bought into the negative stereotype that rich is evil and poverty is noble.
  • Don’t think achieving prosperity is possible given the life’s current circumstances
  • You think money will corrupt your heart and mind and make you do bad things
  • Guilty about your desire to be wealthy and prosperous
  • You blame uncontrollable circumstances in your past for your current situation and believe you can never truly take control over where you are now
  • Believe money will make you unhappy because money can’t buy happiness
  • You believe achieving prosperity will cause you to lose friends
  • Blame your parents for not having enough money and not teaching you how to lead a prosperous life

Stopping the Ego

Any of these sound familiar?

Don’t worry if one or more of them did. Luckily, your self-limiting beliefs don’t stem from you, they stem from your ego.

Your ego is the deranged and judgmental part of you that’s been spoon feeding you a million reasons why you’re not deserving enough to achieve wealth. 

However, there’s some good news when it comes to stopping the ego from getting out of control. That is- you are not your ego!

While your ego is causing your negative paradigm about money–that it corrupts, leads to unhappiness, etc.–this paradigm can be shifted.

Shutting out the voice of your ego and listening to your heart will allow you to shift your paradigm into one that realizes that you are in fact both deserving of wealth and capable of achieving it.

Prosperity Affirmations: The Antidote to the Negative Ego

law of attraction universityIn order to change your inner dialogue and create this paradigm shift, you need to eat, sleep, and breath prosperity affirmations.

So, without further ado, here are 9 of the best prosperity affirmations:

1. I create prosperity easily and effortlessly.

2. I am prosperous, healthy, happy, and live in abundance.

3. I am open and receptive to all the prosperity life offers me.

4. My actions create constant prosperity.

5. Prosperity creates a positive impact in my life.

6. Prosperity is drawn to me.

7. I can handle massive success with grace.

8. The whole universe is conspiring to make me prosperous.

9. I am and will always be prosperous.

Remember, these prosperity thoughts do not have to be true from the get-go- but believing in their truth will make all the difference.

These thoughts need to dominate your thinking in order to effectively shut out the annoying voice of your ego for good!

Try saying them a hundred times a day for the next several months,  then drop us a comment below to tell us about your success!

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