10 Foolproof Tips on How To Attract Women Easily

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If it does, or even if you just want to improve your game, I have good news, it’s not impossible at all.

Any man can learn how to attract women with a healthy dose of self-awareness and these ten great tips.

Read on to find out foolproof ways to improve your chances with women.

10 Tips on How to Attract Women Easily

While you can’t control a woman’s opinion, you can take these ten steps to make yourself most attractive to them.

1. Body Language

It’s no secret that body language is a huge part of the way we communicate.

Portray confidence in your body language by standing up straight, keeping your arms uncrossed and your hands out of your pockets.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and face your body towards hers.

If you’re sitting, keep your body language open in her direction as well. It’s important to keep any bad habits in check, like fidgeting, biting nails, pulling at your beard, etc.

2. Eye Contact

Eye contact is a key factor of how to attract women. Too little makes you seem aloof or lacking confidence. Too much makes you seem creepy.

Maintain eye contact during conversation, but not to the extent that it feels unnatural or forced.

Keep your phone in your pocket and never check out another woman once you have a beautiful girl’s attention.

One of the keys to attracting a woman is making them feel special and like they are the most important thing in the room to you.

3. Don’t Just Assume She’s Into You

Let’s be clear here- of course, it never hurts to be confident. In fact, the opposite, confidence is a huge part of how to attract women.

That being said, cockiness is a huge turn off for women.

You want to approach her in a way that shows her your recognize her worth.

Rather than making her feel like she’s lucky to have your attention because you’re God’s gift to earth, be confident in yourself and show her that you recognize how special she is.

If you assume a woman wants to sleep with you, you risk sending her packing for making her feel cheap or easy.

4. Take Care of Your Health

While not every woman wants to date someone in Olympic shape, most women find it a turn off if men don’t care about their health at all.

Make an effort to stay physically active, eat right, and don’t go too crazy with the booze. Take care of yourself and you’ll find that it’s a whole lot easier to be confident.

This is especially true if you’re attracted to women who stay fit. How do you expect them to put in all that effort on their own bodies and want to date someone who puts in no effort at all?

Plus, healthy people just look better. You can see it in someone’s skin, hair, eyes and body.

5. Smell Good

Healthy people with good hygiene smell better and have better breath, two majorly important factors of attraction.

Even the most confident, attractive looking guy in the world would have trouble sealing the deal if he doesn’t smell good.

Cologne works for a lot of guys, so find your personal scent. Avoid applying too much, less is more.

It’s also just about being well groomed. Get regular haircuts and don’t be afraid to try a new style that women may find more attractive.

Perhaps most importantly, take oral hygiene seriously. Would you want to kiss a woman with bad breath or gross teeth?

Probably not. Brush, floss, brush your tongue and keep mints handy on a date or night out.

6. Dress Well

If you’re having trouble attracting women, take a look in the mirror.

No matter what your style is, you must wear clean clothes that fit you right. Sloppy, stained clothes that are too big or too small will not attract a woman.

If you don’t know where to start, think of the clothes that make you feel confident and attractive.

Are there particular colors that look good on you? Do you get compliments when you wear them?

Ditch styles that may be out of date, anything that is too flashy, or anything that is damaged and doesn’t fit you right. This goes for your underwear and socks too!

Check out these style tips for attracting women.

7. Create a Life You’re Proud Of

How do you expect other people to like you if you don’t like yourself?

If you haven’t already, find a job that you feel proud of.

A woman wants a man with passion and drive, not someone who works a dead end job and sits on the couch eating fast food all day.

Embrace the things you love, and don’t ever think you’ve got nothing left to learn.

Read books, stay up to date on current events, and participate in hobbies that you love in addition to building a career.

8. Be a Gentleman

Chivalry is not dead. Avoid vulgar language or “locker room talk.” Be polite, respectful, and engaging. This is a great time to show your wit, intelligence and sense of humor in conversation.

Just be sure to not monopolize the conversation.

Open doors for her, ask her questions about herself, buy her (and her friends if you really want to impress) the next round of drinks.

9. Be Original

Don’t use cheesy pickup lines. Every woman will shut down if you open with a line they’ve heard a hundred times before.

Give a genuine compliment as an opener. Women can pick up on if you’re being honest or just going through the motions to get laid.

10. If She’s Not Into You, Take a Hint

This is very important so listen up! Don’t let your ego get bruised too easily. Sometimes, rejection is just circumstantial and out of your control.

Women will tell you that there’s nothing worse than a “creeper” that won’t leave them alone. If a woman has told you she’s not into you or is clearly trying to end the communication or interaction, take the hint.

You can’t control outside factors, such as her physical type, sexual orientation, or relationship status. If she’s just not that into you for whatever reason, take no for an answer.

Telling a girl off for rejecting you will get you nowhere. Maybe she’s taken but has a single friend, or maybe someone else in the bar has their eye on you.

Always keep your behavior gentlemanly, even in the face of rejection. You never want to appear desperate or overly aggressive.

Now You Know

Confidence in yourself is key if you want to learn how to attract women.

Make any necessary changes to take pride in who you are. Present yourself well physically and conversationally, and don’t forget to make it about her.

With these tips, you’ll be attracting more women in no time.

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