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Neverlight by Dan Weatherer

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016

Are we mere puppets, a slave to the will of others? Influence, an inescapable and unseen force exerted upon all of us. Can we ever say that we are creatures of free will, acting according to our desires and not of those around us?

Influence is the white noise that bombards our every waking moment, clouding our thought, hindering our judgement.

Looking beyond our existence, there are those beings that dwell beneath the surface of our planet, ancient entities twisted in their resentment of our freedoms, that would mean us harm. Theirs is an influence ancient in its origin, born from evil and cruel intent. Their will presses upon us, calling out to our most primal instincts.

We, oblivious, heed their call.

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Zero Limits: Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016

your comfort zoneBuy Zero Limits: Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone now on

Your comfort zone is a beautiful place; it’s warm and secure. However, this place that we prefer to default to is just an illusionary safe haven; you see, nothing ever grows inside the comfort zone.

Nobody who ever lived an exceptional life did so from inside this barren and sterile place. If you truly want to achieve your true potential, then the first thing you need to do is make the decision to pack your bags and leave comfort town.

In Zero Limits best-selling personal development author Craig Beck shows you how to dramatically change your perception of risk and fear so you can easily smash through your current self-imposed limitations. If you follow this unique path, you can start to live a fearless life way beyond what you currently believe you are capable of.

  • Achieve your goals and ambitions quicker than you thought possible.
  • Develop unshakable self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Discover rapid personal and professional progression.
  • Experience more abundance flowing into your life.
  • Live the life most people can only dream of.

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Patchwork Paradise by Indra Vaughn

Posted by on Jul 16, 2016

Patchwork ParadiseOliver and Samuel’s relationship is fairy-tale perfect. They share a gorgeous house in Antwerp, go out with their friends every weekend, and count down the days to their dream wedding. But their happy ending is shattered one late night, and just like that, Ollie is left bereft and alone.

The months that follow are long and dark, but slowly Ollie emerges from his grief. He even braves the waters of online dating, though deep down he doesn’t believe he can find that connection again. He doesn’t think to look for love right in front of him: his bisexual friend Thomas, the gentle giant with a kind heart and sad eyes who’s wanted him all along.

When Thomas suddenly discovers he has a son who needs him, he’s ill prepared. Ollie opens up his house – Sam’s house – and lets them in. Ollie doesn’t know what scares him more: the responsibility of caring for a baby, or the way Thomas is steadily winning his heart. It will take all the courage he has to discover whether or not fairy tales can happen for real.

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