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Craig Beck is a bestselling self-help and personal development author. Previously, he was well known in the United Kingdom as a Sony Radio Academy award winning radio broadcaster. Leaving commercial radio in 2013 to focus on his writing and speaking engagements.

Alcoholism: Craig is often better known as ‘The Stop Drinking Expert’ and has topped self-help bestseller charts around the world with his alcohol cessation books ‘Alcohol Lied to Me’ and ‘The Alcohol Illusion’.

Spirituality & Law of Attraction: He has written several paradigm shifting spiritual books including the acclaimed ‘Fragment of God’ and the Manifesting Magic series.

Self Confidence for Men: Craig is a former hypnotist and NLP master practitioner. His Powerfully Confident range help you push through your comfort zone.

Wealth & Abundance: How to become rich… Millionaire University, the life changing extreme wealth course.

Craig Beck Online Courses

Millionaire University

millionaire university

Seduction University

Seduction University

Law of Attraction University

law of attraction university

Stop Drinking Expert

stop drinking expert

Cheating Spouse Trap

cheating spouse trap

Blood Glucose Diet

Blood Glucose Diet

Stop Drinking Books

Alcohol Lied to Me
alcohol lied to me again
The Alcohol Illusion
happy sober solution
happy sober solution spanish
stop drinking expert

Spirituality & Law of Attraction Books

Fragment of God
Fear of Death
Manifesting Magic
The Switch
Swallow The Happy Pill
Beautifully Imperfect

Attraction, Seduction Skills & Self Confidence For Men

Zero Limits
The Powerfully Confident Man
Alpha Male
Bulletproof Seduction
First Dates
destroy approach anxiety book

Amazing Relationships & Communication Skills

catch a cheat book
public speaking books
NSOPI Book Cover
Confidence for Women
Easy Enneagram
Coming Soon

Abundance & Wealth Creation Books

Abundance Matrix
Millionaire Mindset
Building Extreme Wealth
Hypnotic Salesman
The Wealth Vortex
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